Explore the Value of Shop in Shop Design

Your brand requires an engaging store environment in which to capture the attention of buyers and build your local marketplace. It’s why many are now turning to store in store or shop in shop designs from experts such as Point ISM.

What is Store in Store?

Store in store design is the location of a standalone store within a host retailer’s space. The concept benefits the retailer by offering their customers access to a greater range of products and allows the smaller company to collaborate with a larger market presence. It also allows the smaller firm to test out their store before building a larger brick and mortar store in another location.

Why Choose PointISM?


PointISM has significant experience creating shop in shop concepts for clients across the marketplaces. Our experience means we can evaluate your plans and help your business build a concept that captivates your target marketplace and helps your brand grow over time

Financial expertise

We understand what it takes to design a shop in shop design from the ground-up. We have the financial expertise to ensure that you’ll save money over time while building your business presence in the local marketplace.

Proven results

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to create shop in shop concepts and have achieved significant results through our work. You can speak to our team directly if you wish to learn more about some of the concepts we’ve created for clients.

Our team at PointISM can help you build the ideal shop in shop environment for your brand and its customers. To discover more about our company and the design services we offer, call us today.

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